In Southern California, Option One Dental is at the forefront of innovation regarding dental equipment. The company and its professional staff sell, repair, move, service and maintain all types of dental equipment. They have a direct line with most major manufacturers which build state-of-the-art dental equipment and sell to dealers such as Option One Dental. The owner has been trained in different types of manufacturing in the United States and has worked in this field for over 15 years. Option One Dental always provides professional results to their dentists regardless of what the job entails. The company can also help dentists design and build their offices using professional contractors for any type of job they need. 

One of the main goals of Option One Dental is to sell reliable dental equipment made in the United States or Japan for low prices to dentists who are in the process of opening new offices. In addition, the company can order and do high-quality upholstery for new dental chairs or reupholstery for existing chairs with a unique selection of different designs and materials for most dental chairs. The company does professional installation for large equipment they sell for free and service them in the future if necessary. Option One Dental is a relatively small company and maintains good relationships with all the dentists they collaborate with. The company works with the dentists directly and provides the best service possible. As far as delivery and time frame are concerned, the company has an abundance of equipment in stock which can be delivered and installed in a timely fashion. Dentists are always welcome to come to the showroom to purchase their equipment directly for the best price possible. 

Option One Dental is prepared to address your needs and challenges with loyalty and commitment. The equipment is efficient and comfortable. Providing high-quality dental equipment is the company’s principle.

A company you can believe in. Option One Dental exceeds all expectations. They enhance the experience of purchasing dental equipment. The company offers classes to technicians who are interested in dental equipment manufacturing.  



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