Engle 360

Swing Delivery Package

Engle’s revolutionary left/right, swing, 360 degree operatory system. Available in either standard chair models (P999360) or traverse chair models (P999360T). Complete operatory package includes chair, and full swing arms that move left or right based on DR preference for operatory position. Three fully functional movable arms include, E300 delivery system arm, 360 assistant arm, and 360 LED light arm.

Chair Features

  • E300 Control Head w/ 3 Auto Handpiece Holders
  • Individual Water Cooler Controls
  • Asepsis Handpiece Tubing
  • Wet/Dry Foot Control
  • Handpiece Flush/Purge System
  • 3-Way Air/Water Syringe
  • Master On/Off Switch
  • Flex Arm w/ Air Brake

Delivery System Features

  • Adjustable Swivel Tray
  • Solids Collector
  • H.V.E. (Note: Photo is shown w/ Optional 2nd H.V.E. (additional cost: call for pricing)
  • Saliva Ejector
  • Bottled Water System
  • Oversized Hidden Umbilical Junction Box w/ Air & Water Master Valve/Filter/Regulator Assembly

LED Light Featues

  • Control Head Mounted Touchpad (Specify Side)
  • Assistant’s Vacuum Delivery Quick Connect Water Auxiliary
  • Assistant’s 3-Way Syringe
  • Water Bottle Quick Release
  • City or Bottled Water Selector Switch